Up to 5000 yen discount nationwide travel support until June 30th! Applicable to all plan(4/29-5/7 excluded)
Kamei no Yu

【Official】Kamei no Yu

It is also recommended for trips that do nothing

This is a small accommodation with only 6 rooms, a service that is close to customers.
There are no rooms with open-air baths or luxurious rooms.
We will provide "hearted" hospitality and relaxing time for guests who stay.
"I want to come back again" I hope that you think so.

"Yudanaka Onsen Yorozuya" affiliated inn
You can also use the Registered Tangible Cultural Properties Momoyama Bath.

Nationwide Travel Assistance / Shinshu Wari SPECIAL Notice

  • Notice of "National Travel Support"

    Target period:January 10 (Tuesday) to June 30(Friday)
    (Excluded from 4/29 to 5/7)
    ■Discount amount… 20% of the travel fee (Maximum discount amount:3,000 JPY)
    ■Tourist coupon… Holidays:1,000 yen per night/Weekdays:2,000 yen per night

    ■Discount terms
    1. "3 doses of new corona vaccine" or"Negative test results"
    2. Presentation of ID(License,my number card)
    ※Details may change due to future announcements.

About new coronavirus infectious disease measures

  • Shinshu version New journey<Under implementation of measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases>

    Kameinoyu, we carry out new coronavirus infection control every day.

    We will thoroughly take measures against new coronavirus infection so that customers can stay with peace of mind.Therefore, although we have deeply reviewed some of the service contents, we would like to provide "hospitality" that can only be done now, without changing the way Kameinoyu should be.
    Please rejuvenate your body and soul with our facilities' hot springs and hot springs.

YouTube video"Yujiro Onishi"


  • About 1350 years ago, Yudanaka Onsen was opened as “Yokarei”, which has long life and longevity.

    Yudanaka Onsen Village has long been healing people's disease and mind.

    Such Yudanaka Onsen February 2017 to the Yudanaka Onsen Hanaakari no Yado, Kameinoyu Please enjoy.
    Renewal opened.

    There are 6 rooms, the smallest in Yudanaka Onsen.

    The facilities are colored with Japanese paper art lamps, and from every room,
    You can enjoy the fantastic Japanese garden with the light of a gentle lamp.
    Each room with a flower name has a different lampshade.


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Hotel Name

Kamei no Yu


3174 Hirao, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai County, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes on foot from the train / Nagano Dentetsu Line Yudanaka Station"with transfer", car / R292 Joshinetsu Expressway, Shinshu Nakano IC → R292 Sano-Kakuma IC 3 minutes

There is a transfer (conditions)
If you need a transfer to the station, we will reserve it in advance.
(Please make a reservation or contact the hotel directly)
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.