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  • 【Irodori Kaiseki Set Meal】Kaiseki cuisine using local ingredients

    The seasonal Shinano flavor is richly colored.
    Mainly "Hoobayaki" where you can enjoy Shinshu Beef grown with apples with specially made miso, mainly seasonal ingredients of Kitashinshu Shinshu Handmade Soba, river fish dishes, Shinshu Handmade Soba, etc. Enjoy 12 dishes
    ※Food contents and photos are an example. Contents change according to the season and purchase.
  • 【Rose】French using Gibier that runs quietly in Kitashinshu

    ・Amuse 1, "Source of red paprika"
    ・Amuse 2, “Large” Asparagus from Shinshu Nakano City bowl inside chest winding
            Baalnaise sauce
    ・Appetizer, Raw tuna, Passage of empty beans
        Avocado and tomato croquette
    ・Seafood Dish, Naoetsu’s “Fat Greenling” Saute
         Citron Name Source (Lemon balm)
    ・Meat Dish, French Lamb Roast
         Claimed mustard
    ・Dessert, Mousse of concentrated milk
          Ripe pineapple and pineapple foam sauce
    ※Food contents and photos are an example.
      Finished with seasonal ingredients of the day.
    • Rosée

      Business hours
      Holidays: December 31 and January 1

      Available Period: Select from 17:00, 18:00, 19:00
  • 【Komichi Cafe Sorachica】Italian restaurant

    course dishes at a reservation-only private cafe that includes a trail from the spa town.
    The English Garden, which overlooks from a large window, is also attractive.

    The chef used a salad made of organic vegetables and fresh vegetables grown in his own home garden,
    Please enjoy casual Italian around hot dishes such as pasta and pizza.

    Appetizers, salads, main dishes, pizza, pasta, desserts, drinks, etc. are the course that the chef leaves.
  • Dinner at a designated restaurant

    We will pick you up by car.
    Even wearing a yukata is OK.

    Payment will be made upon check out
    You can go out by hand.

    Reservations are required.
    You may not be able to make a reservation depending on the time of year.
    If you have food allergies, please make a reservation at time of booking.
    • Dinner at a designated restaurant

      HAKKO, a 2-minute walk from the hotel
      GOEN, 5 minutes walk from the hotel

      Please contact the store directly for business hours.
  • Breakfast

    Kijimadaira’s Koshihikari cooked in an earthen pot, Sukagawa’s Trout Ichiyaboshi (dried overnight),
    Japanese food using Shinshu ingredients such as miso from Kojiya Hompo will be prepared at the hotel's restaurant.
    You can choose 2 kinds of your choice from 3 kinds of fresh juice.

    ※ Contents of dish may change by circumstances of procurement such as the weather.