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Recommendation for traveling alone

Welcome to a solo trip for adult women

Would you like to go out for a reward trip just for yourself?

  • We have prepared a service with the theme of "relaxing" at this facility, so that you can spend a "solo trip" just for yourself because you are on vacation.Please relax and heal your daily fatigue.

Recommendations for Adult Women Traveling Alone/Relaxing in Your Room

  • Drink and eat, body-friendly fruit tea

    【Single travel plan for adult women, limited services】
    We have prepared an additive-free blend using only domestic fruits, delicious and healthy "fruit tea".
    No antioxidants, oil, sugar, etc. are used, and the ingredients are simply dried.
    Please enjoy the texture and the "umami" that the fruit originally has.No antioxidants are used, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.
  • Pour hot water into the teapot and let it steep for at least 20 minutes.Steaming time is 20 minutes.An hourglass with 10 minute increments is available.Please wait patiently until the sand falls twice.
    By taking enough time to steam, you can make delicious fruit tea.
  • After drinking, scoop the steamed fruit with a spoon and enjoy.
    It is a way to enjoy 100% fruit tea without using any tea leaves.
  • Soft double gauze A dress for relaxing in your room

    【Single travel plan for adult women, limited amenities】
    Some people say that it is difficult to sleep in a yukata, so we have prepared room wear that is particular about the texture and comfort because we want you to have a good night's sleep and rest.
    I chose room wear from Y's for Living.The double gauze is very soft to the touch, and I chose this one from among many types.Please use it according to your purpose, such as a yukata when you go out and this room wear when you relax in your room.
  • Get a good night's sleep with the soft light of Japanese paper

    Each room has a Japanese paper lampshade with the flower motif of the room name.If you are afraid of pitch darkness or find it easy to fall asleep in dim light, please turn on the lamp in your room and take a rest.An environment with dim light such as indirect lighting has the effect of relieving tension in the body and mind and enhancing the relaxation effect of the mind and body, and sleep from a relaxed and relaxed state has a high-quality sleep effect. You can expect it.
    ※Of course, if you find it easier to sleep in the dark, please turn off the lights and take a rest.
  • De-digital and feel the quiet flow of time

    How about a "book" when you want to spend a quiet time away from everyday life?We have about 30 books in the lobby so that you can relax and read a book while looking at the Japanese garden, and feel the leisurely flow of time in a digital-free environment.There aren't many books by any means, but I have carefully selected each book so that you can easily pick it up and read it, so that you can feel a little comfort while flipping through the pages.
  • The rooms are equipped with Panasonic's nano care dryer and facial massager.
  • Foot massage rental service.Please heal the tiredness of your trip.

Recommendations for Adult Women Traveling Alone/Relaxing in Hot Springs

  • Monopolize the hot spring and soak in the hot water without worrying about anyone

    We offer a free 30-minute charter service for the baths "Tsuki-no-yu" and "Hotaru-no-yu" at this facility. (30 minutes between 20:00 and 21:30)Enjoy the spacious bath without worrying about anyone else and refresh your whole body.
    The baths at this facility are fed directly from natural hot springs.If you entrust yourself to the warm water, you will be filled with peace of mind as if you were unraveling from the core of the body, as the name "add life" suggests.“Tsuki-no-yu” and “Hotaru-no-yu” each have an open-air bath.
  • Skin-friendly lotion series that is soothing to the scent
    A good scent can soothe your soul.With that in mind, we have created a skin care series that focuses on fragrance.
    After your skin is thoroughly cleansed in the hot springs, moisten your skin with our gentle skin care series.
    ※This is available in Kameinoyu baths "Tsuki-no-yu" and "Hotaru-no-yu".
  • Bath goods with a special feeling that is soothing to the scent
    As well as the skin care series, we have a shampoo series with a good fragrance.
    The “Aesop” and “Osagi” that I chose this time are natural scents.Please enjoy the scent as if you are bathing in the forest while soaking in the hot spring.We chose bath goods with a special feeling that women will love.
    ※This is available in Kameinoyu baths "Tsuki-no-yu" and "Hotaru-no-yu".
  • Enjoy Yudanaka Onsen's Yudanaka Onsen

    Hot water tour,Part 1
    Yorozuya's “Momoyama Bath” and “Shinonome Bath” boasting a 200-year history (3 minutes on foot)
  • of Yudanaka Onsen"Hot water tour",Part 2
    "Kaede-no-yu" of Kaede-no-yu Yudanaka Onsen Station Building of Nagano Dentetsu (5 minutes on foot)
  • of Yudanaka Onsen"Hot water tour",Part 3
    An open-air bath where you can enjoy the same atmosphere as the local Yudanaka townspeople"Oyu"(Next to Yorozuya)

Recommendations for Adult Women Traveling Alone/Relaxing with Meals

  • Today, enjoy the luxury of local brand beef by yourself

    Enjoy kaiseki cuisine at Shinano Shinano, which mainly uses locally produced branded beef.A dish with upgraded content that includes plenty of brand ingredients that Shinshu is proud of, such as Shinshu premium beef and Shinshu salmon sashimi.We have prepared dishes that match your own reward trip.
    We will prepare it in the series "Yorozuya".(A 3-minute walk from the hotel, we also provide transportation.)
  • Refresh with a healthy breakfast
    Wake up with two fresh juices.A source of energy to wake up your body after waking up and spend the day in good health.
  • Freshly cooked rice is the best feast
    Local brand rice "Kijimadaira‘s Koshihikari" is used.The kettle-cooked rice that is cooked according to the breakfast time for each customer is sure to be good for your health.

Recommendations for adult women traveling alone/Other,various

  • At check-in, welcome matcha is served.Relax and unwind upon arrival.
  • Free coffee and tea will be served in the lobby during your stay.(self service)
  • Evening service.
    Please have it when you are a little hungry.
  • In addition to regular yukata, we also have a yukata rental service.Choose your favorite pattern.

Adult female solo travel recommendation/Surrounding Area,walk

  • Take a relaxing walk in an old-fashioned hot spring town

    Heiwa no Oka Park at the top of the hot spring town(About 10 minutes on foot from the hotel)
    It's a perfect place for a short walk.If you look at the big Kannon, you will surely feel at ease, and you may be even more energetic than you are now.
    Take a walk before dinner or when you wake up early the next morning.
  • Yudanaka Station(5-minute walk)
    The old station building, which has remained since its opening, has been designated as a “Registered Tangible Cultural Properties” of the country, and has become a place for people to relax as a gallery and rest facility.
  • Footbath/ Yudanaka Station(5-minute walk)
    There is a footbath at the station.Why don't you stretch your legs when you have a little time?
  • Yunomiya Shrine(3-minute walk)
    It is a shrine that has been loved by the locals for a long time.It's nice to have a little walk and visit.
  • Yudanaka Onsen Pudding Hompo(2-minute walk)
    It is popular as a snack between walks and as a souvenir.This is an egg shop pudding shop made in a hot spring area.

Recommended sightseeing spots(About 5 to 20 minutes by car)

  • 【We do not provide transportation】

    SORA terrace - Ryuoo Mountain Resort
    A popular spot where you can see a beautiful sea of clouds if the weather conditions are right
    (20 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • Jigokudani Yaen-Koen
    The only monkey in the world to bathe in a hot spring.Observe the fascinating ecology of Japanese macaques up close(20 minutes by car from the hotel, then 30 minutes on foot)
    ※We do not provide transportation
  • Shibu Onsen town
    A cobblestone hot spring town with a nostalgic atmosphere(20 minutes on foot from the hotel)
    ※We do not provide transportation