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  2. Infectious disease prevention measures

Infectious disease prevention measures

  • We ask our customers to create an environment where everyone can stay with peace of mind.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    ※Initiatives as of March 2023.The contents are changed from time to time as the situation changes.
If symptoms of fever and cold are confirmedAll guests staying at the hotel are requested to take a non-contact thermometer at the time of check-in.If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, please consult with the local public health center and follow the instructions of the public health center.
Request for disinfectionDisinfectant is installed at the lobby, entrance of large communal bath, and entrance of dining hall. Please be sure to disinfect your hands before using.
  • Sterilize and sterilize the facility to create a clean environment
    Staff at the common facilities will be regularly sterilized with alcohol to welcome guests.
  • About transfer to Yudanaka Station
    To prevent splash infection, the inside of the shuttle bus is partitioned by a partition.
  • Yorozuya Main Building and Dinner Venue
    We have secured a certain distance from the table at the dining venue so that you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind.
  • Regarding provision of breakfast
    The breakfast venue of Kameinoyu is Kameinoyu not to be a three-packed space.We also thoroughly disinfect.
  • Regarding provision of meals
    When serving a meal, we will maintain a distance from the customer and reduce the number of visits to the table less than usual.
  • Guidance at check-in
    The tea service and explanations at check-in will be provided while keeping the distance from the customer as much as possible.

  • About equipment used in this facility
    All the slippers used in this facility are sterilized.
  • Room equipment
    It is fully compatible with disinfection, such as a washbasin in your room.
  • Installation of hypochlorous acid water
    We have installed hypochlorous acid water sprays throughout the facility that are effective in removing viruses.
  • The remote control in the room is also sterilized
    Even the fine equipment in the guest room is thoroughly sterilized.
  • The bath is reserved
    Since it is a small inn with 6 rooms, you can relax and use the bath without being crowded.We also accept reservations for private use.(Please check at check-in)
  • I'm wearing a mask
    All staff will wear masks and service.We ask our customers to wear a mask.
  • Thorough health management
    If you have a fever or if you have any concerns about your physical condition, we will keep you at home and try to manage the health of your staff.
  • We gargle and thoroughly wash our hands.
    The staff will thoroughly wash your hands, gargle and disinfect your hands with antiseptic solution.
  • Request for temperature measurement
    All guests staying at the hotel are requested to measure the temperature with a non-contact thermometer at check-in.
    We ask for your cooperation in using Yorozuya main building.
  • Request for disinfection
    A disinfectant is installed in the common area of this facility.If you use it, please disinfect your fingers.